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Along with a U.S. immigrant population doubling every decade since 1970, a high percentage of Cameroonians in the U.S. and Canada are recent immigrants who tend to:

  • Maintain strong ties with friends and families back in Cameroon
  • Send money back to support family members
  • Proactively stay current and connected with news from Cameroon

With a lack of significant data on the U.S. Cameroonian population, we relied on our insights and cultural understanding in order to engage with this hard-to-reach audience.


Retain current and acquire new customers with a digital campaign reaching Cameroonians in the U.S. and Canada.


To reach our audience we used a unique list of curated keywords relevant to Cameroonians based on their location and interests in news, sports, music and education. We continuously optimized, added keywords in high performing categories and utilized Whitelisting to increase the likelihood of our ads showing up in culturally relevant environments.

We selected Facebook, the most popular social platform in Cameroon, and Instagram. Media weight was increased during Cameroon Holidays and paydays. We identified consumers who looked and acted just like our target audience, through look-alike modeling, and executed remarketing to those who previously engaged with the campaign or visited the MoneyGram site.


Within one month the campaign received over 14K total conversions.

Moneygram Cameroon
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